SingaporeBondage Site Review

SingaporeBondage is a niche collective for-members system of delivery. This means only members gain access to specific content such as HD images, videos, tutorials, workshop, events. On first look it is seemingly like a photography or bondage imagery website. While further understanding from the review is that it is somewhat a therapist site! Wait wow, therapy? Bondage therapy?

Why would I say that. Simple, it is certainly NOT focusing on bondage images, nudity, torture, explicit content. In turn it gently nudges the viewer that there are some samples for you to taste, there are more for the paid members. And that doesn't end there. Members get something more essentially these extras add up to become a therapy.

Imagine someone who is sensually disinclined, and thus seek bondage image as part healing, part indulgence. He (or she) can join sites that have that,,, And he probably has, and certainly went to sample and collect photos here and there. This is pure experience and part psychology. People do that. They do. They love collecting something that strikes a deep interest. If you are crazy (or Pavlov-ed) into liking blue ball gags, the moment you saw a model biting one, you will be downloading that photo.

The therapy part is about healing. A person who subsequently feel suppressed or doing these photo collecting in a clandestine mode, wants actually NOT to collect photos. But they are stuck in the cycle of collecting, looking, seeking, saving, (wanking), viewing, zooming on, printing, keeping, finding again. It is a super crazy cycle of getting NEW images.

In a sense it worked as a healing therapy in the early stage. Now to get the healing up, SingaporeBondage offers more like tutorials. Workshops. Ability to try real life rope bondage. Now why won't these people join some bdsm munch? They do. And those that don't?! That is how SingaporeBondage offers an existential extension to that path. The members need not feel ashamed nor worried. It is practically one-to-one. There is no large groups or party (sounds orgy), or community, or eating together, talking about job and income, and the latest movies.

The photos were excellent, mostly art-like and crafted from a very modern perspective or perhaps even alternative photography and presentation.

Now each member can join a workshop or event. And these events are hot-cakes. Not because there are many, but it is limited, and even one session could be just for 2 sets of people at the same location but they never meet the other set. It is as noted, not about having a mass cooking school. It is very one-to-one, yet privacy is top. Using masks, or very specific rules during a session such as no talking nonsense. That is one simple rule. And why would that be effective? Nobody that joined is some stupid idiotic nonsense person.

How is that possible, isn't it that tons or trawling junkie trolls are out there even more in sex related content, I mean adult-related content?

The idea of membership is the key. Members pay a single sum of membership fee, then are allowed unlimited lifetime access. This sounds odd since most industry players are banking on repeated monthly recurring income. Regardless. Gyms like California Fitness. Gym membership is a vicious long term recurring payment. So with a one-off fee, members then after taking the BLUE pill or simply able to overcome their hesitation and become a member, reap the benefits for life. Not anymore fees are required.

Isn't that a beauty?


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